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Snowdrops ...a fashion show for the other children and staff. (4 Years and Upwards)

Heading to school on the bus

Our after school service is available throughout the year.

The children are given breakfast if they are in before 8.30am. They are dropped to school in the school bus.

After school, they are picked up and returned to the crèche where dinner is served on arrival. Homework is supervised and later in the afternoon tea is served.

Snowdrops Knitting

When the school is closed, the child's place is available in the crèche.

The children in this group have the chance to learn to knit & sew and each year they put on a fashion show to show off what they have made!

Snowdrops Sewing

There is an arts and crafts program, as well as other interesting activities (games, baking etc.) available to cater for the individual needs of this age group. They also have access to our fabulous back garden where much amusement is guaranteed.


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