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Tinker Bells (12 Months to 20 Months)

Our Woddler Room offers our babies that are crawling and our woddlers a lot of floor space in which to be mischievous and our playroom provides a happy and caring environment, which encourages children to learn social and development skills, through activities and play...

Children playing in the Woddler room

It is a bright, safe and comfortable playroom, with a variety of 'learn to walk' toys. As well as free play and music, the children have the opportunity to play with sand, water and play dough. There are numerous shape sorters, blocks and other relevant activities for stimulation.

At this stage of development children are introduced to feeding themselves.

Wombles Crèche Cots

We keep a daily record sheet for you to see what your child's needs were each day.

The children have lots of books, music/song and stimulating toys. Nursery rhymes, singing and dressing up are also on the agenda.

The children are cared for by caring, experienced and trained staff and are allocated a cot in our sleep room and as well as the monitors, staff check the babies every ten minutes while they are sleeping.

Your child will be introduced to the next stage of development on a gradual basis.


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